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Mission & Vision
Our Vision

To become a leading global supplier of advanced Engineered Materials and Coating (EMC) solutions by focusing resources to achieve the following four dimensions as an integral component of our customers’ success:

R&D and Engineering capabilities

Global presence

Operation capacities

Speed of solution delivery


Our Mission

NxEdge delivers high value, strategic consumables to technology-driven industries such as semiconductor and commercial glass by leveraging its materials know-how and advanced cleaning processes, vertical integration of key capabilities and product life cycle support.


Our Value Proposition

Strong values guide our behavior and focus in realizing our vision. As a company, we integrate the following core values into all business practices conducted at NxEdge.

Problem Solving  

Our customers’ solution requirement evolves constantly. Creative and disciplined problem solving is critical to sustain our ability to deliver value-add solutions and compete effectively in key markets that we serve.

Operational Excellence  

Since our solutions are tightly integrated into customers’ yield sensitive operations, they expect high quality products & services in reliable and timely manner. We are committed to world-class operation efficiency and quality standards to support our customers’ successes.

Shared Success  

As we strive to fulfill our mission, we need to make sure we recruit and retain talented people. We are committed to share our success with our key stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, and shareholders.


We believe that accountability is one of the key ingredients to sustained profitable growth. Through robust performance management system and strategic communication plans, we are committed to engraining fair accountability into our core value set.


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