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Solar Energy

High fossil fuel prices and concerns over steady future energy sources have been major demand drivers for renewable energy sources. Solar energy using photovoltaic technology has become an attractive renewable energy option for supporting peak power electricity consumptions.

Backed by major R&D investments from both public and private sectors, exciting new innovations in photovoltaic cell design has been pushing the previous boundary of solar energy cost efficiency. As the energy economics becomes more competitive relative to existing energy sources, the demand for photovoltaic modules is expected to grow rapidly in both industrial and emerging countries.

NxEdge is strategically well positioned to play a key role in accelerating solar energy adoption. Our sputtering targets will be used for laying thin-film with desirable functionality on photovoltaic cells in a very large scale, which in turn reduces $ / watts. In addition, NxEdge is organically investing and working closely with leading companies in the solar energy eco-system to engineer new material and coating solutions that further push the energy cost efficiency boundary.

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