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Product Literature


Download detailed product information in PDF format by clicking on the links below. For technical assistance, email info@nxedgeinc.com.

General Information
Semiconductor Business Overview: English
    (PDF, 283 kb)
  Semiconductor Business Overview: Simplified Chinese
    (PDF, 342 kb)
  Semiconductor Business Overview: Traditional Chinese
    (PDF, 368 kb)
  Quality Assurance Brochure: English
    (PDF, 238 kb)
Coatings & Components
Coatings and Components Overview: English
    (PDF, 134 kb)
  Coatings and Components 8pg Brochure: English
    (PDF, 1.03 mb)
  AMAT Endura Quartz Dome Product Sheet: English
    (PDF, 235 kb)
  Anodization: English
    (PDF, 631 kb)
  Cleaning & Revitalization: English
    (PDF, 301 kb)
  DPS I Chamber Product Sheet: English
    (PDF, 296 kb)
  End Effector Product Sheet: English
    (PDF, 394 kb)
  Fluoropolymers: English
    (PDF, 159 kb)
  Thermal Spray: English
    (PDF, 221 kb)
  Precision Manufacturing: English
    (PDF, 416 kb)
Sputter Targets & Services
Rotatable Sputter Targets: English
    (PDF, 164 kb)
Secondary Market Group
Secondary Market Group Business Overview: English
    (PDF, 154 kb)
  Secondary Market Group Overview 8pg Brochure: English
    (PDF, 1.32 MB)
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